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Hello!!!  I am so happy you’re here!!  If you are anything like me, I know one of the first pages people go to when they find a new blog is their about page. We all want to get to know the blogger behind the blog. So, here it is. This is our story. Part of it, anyway. You’ll have to keep coming back to learn more.

We are a Christian homeschooling family that recently made the transition from military life to civilian life in a brand new state!! The above picture was taken in California, along Mission Bay. I sure do miss San Diego but am also enjoying our new adventures in Lawton, OK.


Why did I start this blog?


I’ve wanted to start a blog for at least the last couple of years.  But something always held me back. For starters, I didn’t think I would have the time needed to dedicate to it. I didn’t think I’d have anything new to offer. After all,  there are many phenomenal blogs out there already!  How was I going to keep up with all that blogging entailed, especially when my kids were younger?  I could go on and on with reasons why I never started a blog until now. But, I finally realized something.  I realized that I want to share our family’s journey, as messy as it is. And if I can encourage someone else in the process, then that’s what matters!  I have been so encouraged, inspired, and blessed by bloggers over the years.  I’ve learned so much in so many different areas (faith, homeschooling, marriage, life, health) that I want to pay it forward but I never will if I keep letting things hold me back.

I hope I can encourage and inspire you to be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, homeschooler and everything else that you are! But, at the same time, know that we will not reach perfection. I have to remind myself of that often. My perfectionist “all or nothing” attitude gets the best of me (probably one main reason why it’s taken me this long to start my blog).

So, whether it be in homeschooling, faith, health (we do our best to follow a Keto lifestyle – more on that in upcoming blog posts), or just life in general, my prayer is that you leave my blog feeling encouraged.

 Without further delay,  here is the family behind   “Our Faithful Journey”.


Brandon and I, in 2016 (pre-retirement). Aside from God, Brandon is most definitely my rock and the calm to my storm. He is steadfast and patient; he is reliable and completely committed to the Lord and his family. Brandon has always fully supported my crazy ideas (yes, this blog being one of them!). I could not have asked for a better husband and father to our kids. There is nobody I would rather be on this journey with.

        Christmas 2017  . . . With post-retirement beard in full force! He absolutely could not wait until he didn’t have to shave his beard every day.  It took some getting used to for me, but I really like it now.


Our Kids


My step-daughter, Taylor (21), and her husband, Bo. The handsome little guy is our first grandson, Octavian. He just celebrated his first birthday this month (January 2018). They live in Montana so, unfortunately, we aren’t able to spend near enough time with them. Taylor and Bo are wonderful parents! We couldn’t be more proud!


This is our oldest son, Dylan (20). He recently became a certified welder and began working for Epsilon, in San Diego, shortly after his certification.  He didn’t join us on our move to Oklahoma. We sure miss him but are very proud of him for figuring life out on his own. I’ll admit that I LOVE how calls his momma and, sometimes, even asks for advice.


Tanner (16), our middle son, is a junior.  The move was difficult for him but he is adjusting well (sushi doesn’t hurt!) Praise God! He hopes to attend a local auto tech school during his senior year and plans to become an auto mechanic after graduation. I just love his hugs, even when he is driving me crazy!


Brandon (14), our youngest son, is in eighth grade.  He may only be 14 but he managed to get himself a job at an ice cream shop almost immediately upon moving here. He’s been asking about getting a job for a while now.  He was very persistent and it paid off for him! He is always quick to help whoever needs it!






Last but certainly not least, this is Madison (10), our youngest daughter. She is in fifth grade.  Our spunky, creative, and full of life little girl is always singing and smiling (it doesn’t hurt that she is sitting in her dream car, a Dodge Challenger).  She adds much joy to our family.

What adventures will 2018 bring to our family? Stay tuned to find out!


Keep the faith,



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